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The Platinum proving represents the woman’s mind perverted.

It is especially suited to hysterical women such as have undergone fright, prolonged excitement, or from disappointment, shock, or prolonged hemorrhages. She becomes arrogant and haughty.

One of the most striking characteristics of this drug is pride and over-estimate of one’s self. She imagines that she is of a high born family and that her friends and relatives are of lowly origin and looks down upon them.

Her acquaintances are inferior to herself. A strange thing about this remedy is that this imagination extends to the body. She imagines that her body is large and that the bodies of other people are smaller in comparison with her own. She is in a contemptuous mood, anxious and serious over matters that. are not serious, irritable about trifling things, is moody and sulky over slight vexations, anxious, weeping. Palpitation, trembling in all limbs during every little excitement, fears death and loathes life.

Fear is a very prominent feature in this remedy. Fears that something will happen, fears that her absent husband will never return to her, though he comes back regularly. Restless disposition, excitable, walking, moving about, and weeping.

The mental symptoms alternate with the physical symptoms. Strange illusions of fancy. Imagines than she do, not belong to this race and becomes insane over religious matters, sits in the corner and broods and says nothing. Takes on insanity; becomes a sexual pervert, utters unchaste speech and trembles.

The Platina patient is rather haughty and proud, egotistical. She seems to look down upon everybody and everything as beneath her. There is often accompanying this mental condition a peculiarity of vision ; objects look smaller to her than natural. Platina also produces a peculiar excitation of the mind and of the whole nervous system. Everything seems strange to the patient. Things seem horrible to her. In her imagination she sees ghosts, demons, etc. When she enters her own home, objects appear strange to her; she does not know where she is. At other times, the patient is decidedly melancholy. She thinks that death is near at hand and she fears it.

She may have a decidedly hysterical mood, with alternation of attacks of laughing and crying, especially when these are respectively inappropriate. Now these mental symptoms seem to depend upon excitement in the sexual sphere. The genitals, particularly those of the female, are acutely sensitive. There is constant titillation or tingling in the sexual organs, internally and externally. This excites the unfortunate victim to such a degree as to produce that horrible disease known as nymphomania. (When, as will sometimes happen, nymphomania occurs as the result of worms escaping into the vagina and there exciting irritation, CALADIUM is the remedy.)

The patient seems to have the strength of a giant. She wishes to embrace everybody. These nymphomaniac symptoms are accompanied by prolapsus with induration of the uterus, just like AURUM. The ovaries are very sensitive, and are the seat of burning pains. Platina has even succeeded in curing ovaritis when pus has formed, and HEPAR and LACHESIS have been insufficient to effect its evacuation. The menses are too early and too profuse, and consist of dark clotted blood. They are accompanied by spasms, or by painful bearing-down in the uterine region. Now these spasms of Platina are quite frequently met with in hysterical subjects. They consist of a sort of tetanic rigidity with trismus, and this alternates with dyspnoea.

This menstrual flow of Platina brings to mind two or three other remedies, which are here deserving of mention. CROCUS has dark or black clotted flow, with or without miscarriage, and associated with a sensation as if there was something moving around in the abdomen.

The Platina patient often suffers from neuralgia in various parts of the body. These neuralgias are very easily studied on account of their well-marked characteristic symptoms. The pains are of a cramping character, and cause numbness and tingling in the parts affected. You find them frequently in the head. There will be pain at the root of the nose as though the part were squeezed in a vice, and this is followed by tingling and numbness, which will indicate to you that it is in the course of the nerves that this symptom lies. The pains increase gradually, and decrease just as gradually as they came, as you will find under STANNUM.

I have yet a few words to say about the action of Platina on the male system generally. We find it indicated for the ill-effects of pre-pubic masturbation.

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