The True Path of Healing

Homeopathic philosophy by Hahnemann

Homeopathy rests entirely on experience. Imitate me,” he says out loud, “but imitate me well, and you will see at each step the confirmation of my claim. That which no Materia Medica, no system of medicine, no therapeutics has done or has been able to do heretofore, she loudly demands: to be judged according to results.”
“Homœopathy has never pretended to cure diseases by the same power as that which produced them, she wishes to do it by a power which is not identical but simply analogous, by a medicament which can only produce a morbid condition analogous to the disease.”
“Take cases of illness one after the other, describe them in the order outlined in theOrganon; paint them so well according to all their perceptible symptoms that the author of Homœopathy, himself, could have no criticism of the exactitude of your picture; and supposing that these cases are among those for which one can find a remedy in the medicines already proved today, select the medicinal substance which is the most appropriate, homœopathically speaking; give it alone and unmixed, in doses as weak as the doctrine prescribes, while removing all other medicinal influences; and if the patient is not cured, if he is not cured promptly, if he is not cured gently, if he is not cured in a durable way, cover Homœopathy publicly with shame, while proclaiming the failure of a treatment rigorously followed according to its own principles. But abstain, I beg you, from all mistakes.
“If, after you have acted in good faith, others no less conscientious than yourself arrive at the same results in repeating your experiments, if all that Homœopathy promises to him who follows it faithfully is not made good, then, this doctrine can be considered as of no account.
“Do you know any better method of disproving this doctrine which only needs to appeal to good sense and to minds free from prejudice in order to find access everywhere. Do you wish to obtain the same successes? Imitate me freely and loyally.”

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  1. Very true…. whenever i look back on the cases where i faltered, failed miserably, i find the deviations, my errors, my shortcomings, my lack of dedication… my failure to understand the intricacies, the simplicity and the beauty of the ‘Law Of Cure’ as discovered and explained by the great grandmaster, the father of Homeopathy as we know it today!….


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