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  1. Because it works, when we take the right remedy. It was a histiozytom at the face of my dog, I cured it complete with homeopathy. 🙂 it works

  2. Thuja but the miracle is ONLY ONE DOSE!!! 5 Globuli D30 then wait and when it doesn’t works more, I give again ONLY ONE DOSE D30.
    Some dogs, who get thuja in an other potency then D30 didn’t show any healing symptoms.
    I used the D30 for six dogs wirh the same dose and resultate.
    When you like, I can post some pictures about the healing.
    First I was shocked, because the histiozytom gets bleeding very much, but my dog doesn’t feel bad with the bleeding and so I let it without an other remedy and didn’t do something about this bleeding. Then the histiozytom was smaler, after some days with absolut no reaction, I give the second and last dose. The other dogs with a smaller histiozytom used only one dose.

  3. It has upgraded my physical and mental health by curing every sickness and making me a healthy human.
    I would say it is amrit on earth.May every human on earth enjoy this amrit.God bless..

  4. The blessings u get when u cure an ailment or reduce the suffering of an incurable terminal disease.. Boy…. the feeling is indescribable… Absolute high..
    Pray God Blesses me always with my almost 100% success rate…!!!!

  5. Jai ram ji ki………my mother age 64 year unki problem jo sugar. blood prashant.thired.or kindly problem critnen.blog urea bard raha hai kripa karke hame koi bast ilaj batao g

  6. based on true pricpls,no side effects if any it vll nt harm ur bdy,long run gud actions of remedy,perfect cure,anti-maismatic remedy vll cure u in inumerable way with one simple dose.. n yup d globules r nt at all bitter..! i jus

  7. Because of its amazing results.
    My mom had a tumour in uterus. Which was diagnosed by ultrasound. This tumour was born along with me. Without any operation 50 years before. It was the result of homoeopathic medicine.

  8. Natural products so much better for than all the things coming out for u to use, safer also, and better for animals too use natural things


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