In his book Predictive Homeopathy
Must of us are not conscious day after day, about
the arguments that we use to speak about cures, carefull,
they are not true cures, they can be DANGEROUS SUPRESSIONS
The reasons to confirm are practically four.
1. Homeopathy can also suppress, when we prescribe by one
symptom informally for example Nux – for constipation,
Ignatia for sorrow, Arnica for lesion, Staph for shyness.
2. A lot of homeopaths do not follow the ‘LAW OF CURE’
of Hering.
3. Even if they follow the law, sometimes they will not see
the real effects until they give the correct CONSTITUTIONAL
4. The correct Similimum cannot be reached until you
apply all Cardinal principles correctly and strictly.
5. Even if you are aware of the Law of cure, sometimes
some, do not have any idea of how it works from the
most important organ to the less important, and what
is the real direction of cure from the inside to the outside,
Those who learn from their errors, are very few, those who keep
on doing them are a lot. Some, enjoy with pride their place in
an Homeopathic community believing or making universal rules
for Universities or like a member of a counseling board or
considering itself as the master chief.
Chapter 2.
By Beatrizhh for ILH 18-2-11

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