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Materia Medica Pura Vol II
The Medical observer (a fragment)
In order to observ well, the medical doctor, requiers to have,
what you will not find in an ordinary doctor, even in a moderate
grade, the capacity and the habit to observ, carefully and
correctly, the phenomenom that has taken place in the natural
illness, and in the what manifest as artificial morbid states
produced by medicines, when they are experimented over
the healthy body and the ability to discover in the most
appropiate natural expressions.

In order to perceive exactly, what should be observed in the
patients, we should aim our thoughts over the Materia we
have on hand, that comes from ourselves, as if this was,
if we closed our speaking, ourselves and with all the power
to concentrate in it, so that nothing that is present would
have to do with the subject, and that could be verified by
all sences and could have escaped for us.

Poetic fantasy, fantastic judgement and speculations, should
be suspended in the mean time, and all forced reasons,
forced interpretations and a tendency to set aside things.
The work of the OBSERVER is to take note of the phenomenom
going on, its attention should be in watching over it not only to
watch what is present and that will not escape to its observation,
but what he is observing will understand it right like it is.
The previous capability of the observer, never is a natural faculty,
it has to be adquired by practice essentialy, refyning and
regulating the perceptions of its sences, this means,
Exercising a severe critic considering the fast impression
that we have of the external objects and at the same time
the coldness necessary, calm and firmness of judgement,
that must be held together with a constant distrustfulness of our
power of apprehension.
By Beatriz H Hill

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