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Materia Medica Pura:
Spirit of the Homeopathic Medical Doctrine
“It will not be difficult to perceive, what are the natural
laws according to the only and appropiate cure of the disease, Homeopathy takes place, and has to necessarely, take place.”
The first of these unequivocal laws is: “The susceptibility of the live organism to natural illness, it is incomparable less than what chemical medicines can cause. ”
All experiences prove, incuestionably, that the human body
is more apt and capable, to be affected by chemical medicine agents and alter and upset its natural health by them, than by the morbid noxa (mental-emotional) and miasmas. In other words, these chemical medicines have an absolute power to upset human health, and the natural morbid agents of the body possesses only a conditional power, great great less than the first.
So in order to cure, the second natural law must be carried out. “Know”, a dinamic strong affection, will permanently extinguish what is weak in the living organism, providing at the first one, be similar to its nature to the last one.
So that the dinamic alteration of the homeostasis will be anticipated by medicine.
“The truth has already extended its rays too widely, and shines too brightly to admit of being eclipsed”
Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática Behhill

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