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Allen H.C. Keynotes and Characteristics M.M.
For light hair and skin persons, irritable, quarrelsome
disposition, easily offended at trifles, vexed at everything.
Ailments from riding in a carriage, railroad, or ship.
Ailments which are worse before and during a thunderstorm.
Symptoms appear and disappear rapidly. During sleep
or delirium imagines that one leg is double, that another
person lies alongside of him in same bed, that there
are two babies in the bed. Vertigo on rising, in occiput,
as if intoxicated, like seasickness.
Headache, in occiput which is as heavy as lead, pressing
pulsating pain as if everything in the bead were alive,
numb bruised as if made of wood. Gastralgia of pregnancy,
with pressing drawing pains, whenever the stomach
is empty, relieved by constant eating.
Diarrhea, yellow, watery, gushing, after cabbage, sour
krout, during pregnancy, stormy weather, always in the
daytime. Painful sensitiveness of skin of whole body, all
clothing is painful, slight injury suppurates.
Skin of hands rough, cracked, tips of fingers, rough,
cracked, fissured, every winter, tenderness of feet,
which are bathed in foul-smelling sweat.
Herpes of genital organs extending to perineum and
thighs, itching, redness, skin cracked, rough, bleeding
dry or moist. Heat and burning of soles of feet and palms
sweat and moisture of external genitals, both sexes.
Painful, itching chilblains and chapped hands worse
in cold weather, decubitus.
Sensation of coldness about the heart.
One of our best antidotes of lead poisoning.
The skin symptoms are worse in winter, better in
summer if suppressed, causes diarrhea.
Agg. carriage riding, during a thunderstorm, in winter.

Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática behhill.

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