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Indian peacock
The pride of the peacock is the glory of God- William Blake.
The latin name Pavo derives from the Sanskrit epithet Pavana meaning purity. The iridecent nature of the feathers is caused by light interference in the nano-structure of the barbules of the feather.

An example of the idea of sexual selection as mating ritual is more important for the male, although is often cited as a symbol of fidelity the peacock is polygamus and will mate 3-4 peahens.

As an homeopathic remediy has all the characteristics of all birds, the spiritual life is very important for he likes to meditate while music
is on, likes to makes plans, becomes irritable is life does not turn as he sees it, upon a high standard, likes company of friends and es very fond
of them showing his feelings, he has a thought he has not done enough in life, has the idea he is trapped in a jungle where is difficult to go out.
same as if he has problems, turns around and around with the same answer, worse, waking up and when he is alone.

Dreams with jungles, old friends, flees, work, escaping but the most important Dreams with God, praying and meditating, dreams of dance and shows up. becomes very thirsty at night, numness of the nose, and when traveling feels as if air is passing through the ear
All ailments worse on left side.

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