OPIUM Papaver somniferum

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OPIUM Papaver somniferum, Hahnemann used the dried milky juice of the green, half-ripe heads of the papaver somniferum, especially of the large-headed white poppy, Papaver officinale. Gm.   The immobility of the pupil, the pressive, tensive pain in the scrobiculus and around the umbilicus, together with the general sensation of tension throught the body, the Sopor  the apparently insignificant diminution of the strength, and the relief afforded  by the occasional perspirations,  the benefit produced by the ingestion of pork, which exercises a great influence on the contractibility of the fibre, and finally the aggravation occasioned by the east wind. OPIUM.

Opium, especially after a fright, (Farrington E.A.)Chatterjee T.P. My random Notes of some H.Remedies writes Not only covers the effects of fright but also of embarrassment whatever may be the cause. A case of impotency was cured with a dose of Op. 200C because of fear of ineffectiveness and embarrassment at the time of coitus.

Stupid comatose sleep with rattling, stertorous breathing. No response to light, touch, noise or pain. Stool hard black balls.
My professor Dr. Karl Robinson, taught us that not only lack of response but hyper sensibility of all the senses highly sensible which is the opposite.
For individuals affected by coal gas, heavy drinking of liquor, a child is affected if the mother breastfeeds the child when she is under fear or frightened. (Chauhan R.K. Expressive Drug Picture)
head feels like lead, insensible, pupils dilated, also hot and burning eyes half open, vision is blurred. face swollen,
Allen H.C. Keynotes writes especially to children and old people of first and second childhood, from fright, bad effects of the fear
still remains, no complaints wants nothing heavy stupid sleep.
sleeplessness with acuteness of hearing, clock striking and cocks crowing at a great distance keep her awake. Bed feels so hot, cannot lie on it, searches of a cool place must be uncovered.
Digestive organs inactive, peristaltic motion reversed or
paralyzed, bowels seem closed.
Constipation of children, corpulent, good-natured women from inaction or paresis, from lead, stool, hard, round black balls
Opium renders the intestines so sluggish, that the most
active purgatives lose their power (Hering)
Persistent diarrhea in those treated with large doses of the drug (Lippe)
The fullness of the bladder is not recognized by the patient.
It may also paralyze the longitudinal and circular muscular fibers of the bladder. Opium indicated when the face is red or pale, invaluable in Diarrhea or convulsions coming on as a result of fright, esp. when the image of the thing which caused extreme fear, constantly appears before the mind.
Mind: sadness, melancholy, changing mood, tears and sobbings with lamentations, hopelessness, with moroseness and discontented,timid character and easily frightened, irresolutin, taciturnity, silent concentration in himself.
Anger upto weeping about a pain
Dunham C. Opium produces a suspension of the secretion of the mucous surfaces of the digestive canal. e.g. the dry mouth and fauces. lessens the amount of excrement. (Dunham C., Lectures of M.M( it also paralyses the intestine. Most prominent among these is the constipation from paralysis of the intestine caused by lead, and known as a concomitant of painters’s colic.
Opium or apoplexy and paralytic weakness in those who have been subject to shock, fright and severe tensions, long lasting effects from fright. Patients whose vitality is so low they cannot react to well selected remedies.
GuptaA K. The problem child and Homeopathy,
Children bites himself, bites fingers, bites hands in ill effects of
chronic fears. awakes terrified, screams with fright, child clings to these near him. dread of darkness and has a horror of glistening objects. wildly excited as in night terrors, patient wants nothing.
Fear of extravagance, plans making gigantic ailments after anger and vexation intolerant of contradictions, attempts to escape, never speaks the truth and always lies, habit of stealing and telling lies.
For ILH Beatriz Hernández Hill, Beatriz H Hill.

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