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Hale mentions this emblem of purity and its traditional reputation as a dissipator of venereal desires. There has been only one proving (by Dr. Cowles), and no definite clinical experience. Like Nuphar, it has early morning looseness of bowels.


Head feels very heavy.

Severe coryza.

Throat sore as from a cold, frequent desire to swallow with painful deglutition.─Tingling; roughness in throat.

Pain in hypogastrium and back, and a stool 7 a.m.

Stools in early morning, 7 a.m.; also 11 a.m.─Thin stool with a little pain and smarting at anus, 1.30 p.m.─Pain in bowels for a few moments at a time, sharp, and passage of foul flatus.─Looseness of bowels with pain.

Increased flow of urine.─Some urine passed involuntarily.─Sensation as if urine was not all passed, with feeling of weakness in lumbar region.

Slight increase of sexual feeling.─Slight excitement.


Some cough in morning.

Pain in back.─Feeling of weakness in lumbar region; with sensation as if urine was not all passed.

Lower Limbs.─Weakness and pain in bones and lower limbs.

Dull, weak, and unfit for work.

Lascivious dreams.

Chilly feeling.

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