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W., aged fifty-five, night watchman. Has always been a healthy, active man. Never had any severe sickness until May last, when he was seized with a slight apoplectic stroke.

July 5th, he had another attack, which was very severe, rendering him unable to talk plainly for fifteen days, and leaving him paralyzed on the right side of his body. In two months he was able to resume his work.

January 22. When rising in the morning, he fell to the floor, unable to move the right arm or limb at all. When first seen, he was unable to stand or walk alone. He seemed perfectly helpless and stupid. The right eyelid drooped ; the tongue was thickly coated, (the uvula pointed to the left,) his breath was very offensive. The bowels, usually regular, were constipated, and the appetite was poor. Very restless, and complains of pain in the back and hips ; numbness of hands and feet. Severe frontal headache; worse when lying down. Nux. 3.

Jan. 26.— More comfortable ; unable to sleep much ; pains not so severe. Very much troubled with profuse salivation and dreuling from the right corner of his mouth. Everything has a metallic taste. Head feels heavy. Has had an oppressive feeling in the cardiac region for many years. Physical examination showed nothing abnormal.

Jan. 28. — Appetite better; is able to stand alone, and to walk when supported on each side. Nux 3.

Jan. 31.— Restless ; frequent micturition, passing little urine at a time. The profuse salivation and dreuling are very troublesome; also the heavy feeling in his head ; numb feeling in both limbs. Nux 3.

Feb. 2. — Less heaviness in head, and numbness is confined to the left lower limb ; the dreuling has almost ceased. Nux 3.

Feb. 5.— Able to walk forward, but feels like falling back when standing still. Numbness confined to the sole of the left foot. Tips of the first and middle fingers have a spot about the size of a bean, livid white in color. Nux 3.

Feb. 8. — No symptoms except slight numbness in left foot.


A case from Dr. C. L. Nichols.

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