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ANOREXIA – aversion to food.
There could be several causes
the child has gastroenteritis, diet probably is poor or
inadecuate, bloaded abdomen after food, anguish for
adults home violence etc. other emotional and physical
states to take into consideration. Excess of antibiotics.
Think of this remedies
CARICA PAPAYA: The child has aversion to food, vomits
and stools with undigested food. Child pale, and weak.
CHELLIDONIUM: Pale, weak with no hunger, Yellow eyes,
coated tongue, pale stool, dark vomiting with sensibility in
the right hypocondrio, especially liver sensibility.
FERRUM METALLICUM: Child with no hunger at all, pale, and
PULSATILLA: Little girls with anorexia, with intolerance to
fatty food, never have thirst.
do not forget the constitutional remedy, but in the mean time
a touch of the correct intermediate remedy will help the
child to recover,
the child reveals the hiden latent trace marks of its miasmatic
ancestors and its own personality and until the child gets
his constitutional will continue manifesting acute
exacerbations of the chronic miasm manisfestacions that
flow out of a particular miasm (genetic inheritance).
Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática Behhill

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