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Salt, Sodium Chloride,, NaCl
one of main sources that we eat used as condiment or food
Tincture made of rock or sea salt, disolved in water or grounded
with milk sugar, a chronic deep remedy prescribed for symptoms
of illness that has developed over a period of time and not acute conditions.
A DEEP ACTING REMEDY, with a central mental-emotional backround,
Its main characteristic INTROVERSION ARISING OUT of a FEELLING of
great VULNERABILITY TO EMOTIONAL INJURY. Very sensitive to their own
or others people pain. In their mind, feel rejected, ridicule, humilliated or
grief are not personablly tolerable so they create a wall of invulnerability
because they avoid being hurt at all cost.
Very responsable, with a high degree of objectivity and awareness, they
are strong and enjoy being challenged or take risk. Inwardly, expect
ant demand emotional contact and enoy receiving affection but…..
they do not express affection eassily.< CONSOLATION ADOLESENTS, avoid dating for fear to be rejected.. their moods swing from unreasonable depression to unreasonable exhilaration. Have intense emotional and sentimental attachments for people but they do not show their feelings, but when emotionally breaks down becomes hysterical, sobbing with massive shaking of the body, spasms and twitchings last short time and quickly regains control. Physically may present gastritis,, arthritis, migrane canker sores, herpes or lower lip after a period of introversion following a severe grief of humilliation alternately the patient becomes hysterically reactive to the enviroment oversensitive to noise, to f. light, cigarrete smoke, and will present neurological disorders like neuralgia affecting eye left or intercostal nerve having stitching pains. Hair falls in nursing women, insomnia after anger. Good in Multiple Sclerosis when the totality of symptoms fit. Heart disease can occur as arrhythmias and palpitations which arise from the nervous system of the neart. As emotinal vulnerability increases becomes depressed, inconsolable, and become suicidal > music or < musicClaustrophobia, becomes rigid of the emotional and mental planes, the patient develops, fixed ideas, looked in terms of god or bad, right or wrong, correct or incorrect, practical or impractical. KEY NOTES:FEAR OF microbial contamination will bring to hypocondriacal anxiety, craving for salt, aversion to bread, chicken INHABILITY to pass urine or stool in the presence of others, and this arises rom the feeling of ridicule, resulting in a Chronic tension of sphinter muscles that will relax only in private. Aversion to slimmy food < sun light.

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