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Cuban black spider
First proved by Dr. Houard from Cuba.
Remedy for Chorea, The patient is apt to be low spirited and depressed, dull pain in head complaints, twitching constantly of muscles of the face.
Head is often jerked to one side, rigth. Also twitchings and jerkings of the muscles of one arm and leg, usuallly right. Control over the muscle is lost.
The patient attempts to put the hand up to the head, then the hand is violently jerked backward. An effort to talk is made and words are jerked out. Better during sleep.Delirious talk about bussiness, restlesness at night. fear of death, despondensy with anxious expresion, nausea, with strong pallpitations of the heart, dimness of sight, general weakness.
Useful for Chordee with success (penis curved
when erect with great pain, use it in low potency.)
very successfully Thirsty < morning. Beatriz H Hill,

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