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The well-known power of Musk─the perfume─to produce fainting in some by the mere smelling of it, gives the chief keynote for its use in homeopathy: Faints easily; faints dead away from the least excitement; scolds and rages till she falls unconscious globus hystericus ending in unconsciousness; faints while eating during menses; faints from heart disease. All complaints which have easy fainting as a leading accompaniment may want Mosch. Coldness is another keynote.

“In nervous or spasmodic complaints where the patient feels very cold: in epileptic fits where there is rigor or chilliness, or shuddering as though the patient was very cold” (H. N. G).

The coldness may be general or it may affect single parts as one cheek or one foot. Pallor accompanies it. Sensation as if cool wind blowing on parts. Coldness in tibiæ. Allied to the chill is another feature in Mosch.─tension: tension in muscles, in skin, in mind. Tension in back or before menses; tension in limbs, they feel too short. Pressure outward, in heart. Spasms and twitches. Subsultus tendinum of fevers. Laryngeal spasm. Spasm of chest; of heart, general convulsions.

Sexual desire is much excited in both sexes, even in the aged. Diabetes with impotence has been cured by Mosch., which has excessive thirst and other symptoms of diabetes. Mosch. is suited to spoiled, sensitive natures and hysterical women and men.

Among the peculiar sensations are:
As if falling from a height.
As of being turned about so rapidly he perceived the current of air produced by the motion.
As if cold, wet poultices on head. Headache as if from a heavy weight.
As if a cord were frequently drawn and tightened so as to cut head in two.
As if a nail pressed on occiput, the point piercing the brain. Rushing in ears as from strong wind or from the wing of a bird.
As if facial muscles too short. Movement of lower jaw as if chewing.
As if everything in abdomen constricted. Part lain on feels dislocated or sprained.
As if larynx closed on breath.
As if cold air blowing on him.

There is < from pressure. Motion <; must lie down, and lie still. Vertigo < stooping; > on rising. Burning heat in bed. Getting warm > tension in head. Sitting in a room < tension in head; = headache and nausea; = pain in occiput. > In open air. Becoming cold < tension in back of head; = cramps; cramp-like and suffocating constriction of chest. Wants to uncover. < After coitus (vomiting). < After a meal; during a meal. < On side lain on.

Ref: A dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by J. H. Clarke

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