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Guernsey H.N. Keynotes of the Materia Medica writes:
No thirst at any time, jerking pain in outer parts, also
pinching pain in outer parts. Worse in the evening, while
chewing; lying down. Better from pressure.
Douglass M.E., Pearls in Homeopathy: Adapted to
complaints from abuse of Cinchona and Quinine.
Fevers in which the cold stage predominates, coldness
felt most acutely in abdomen and extremities.
Anxiety about the hear, as if something evil were
going to happen, precedes or attends many attacks of
disease. Headache, a pressing in the head from
above downwards, as of a heavy weight, worse
ascending, better during hard pressure with the hand
and accompanied by icy coldness of hands and feet.
chilliness, especially of the fingers and toes.
coldness of the spine, feet cold as far up as the knees.
Icy coldness of the hands and feet with warmth of the
rest of the body. Veins of lower arms and hands
distended, while the feet are icy cold.
Chill the predominant stage, flushes of heat, with
hot ears and cheeks.
The patient often exhibits a strong liking for meat.
bitter sweetish taste and ravenous hunger
Headache relieve by copious urination.
Remedies following Capsicum, Lycopodium
Pulsatilla, Rhus tox.
Hahnemann, Empty eructation, nausea.Lippe A. Von, Keynotes. This remedy is indicated in malarial disorders, when the coldness

predominates.  Great debility, often accompanied by chilliness and the hands and feet are icy cold during chill, 

By Beatriz Hernández Hill. Beatriz H Hill

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