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Sycosis the excess.
Potencies made from the gonorrheal virus.

There are two preparations, the acute and the chronic. From the virus of the acute stage to the chronic, or gleet stage, the symptoms produced by the virus in acute cases have been included in the pathogenesis, just as the toxic symptoms of Arsenic, Mercurious, Opium and Plumbum, if the symptoms of the patient call for this remedy it should be prescribed with the same confidence as any other in the Materia Medica, entirely
irrespective of the sycotic history in the case.

Like every other nosode, it should be prescribed according to its strict indications both of which are supposed to contain the gonococcus or Neisseria gonorrhoeae, found in genital tract, penis, rectum, throat and vagina.(Allen HC, MM)

Prescribed strictly on its symptomatical basis as any other remedy, Med. is a very important remedy for hormonal problems. Med. has many symptoms associated with food and eating, is one of the most commonly used remedies for children with behavioral problems, and sleeping and eating disorders.
It is considered for recurrent urinary tract infections. It also affects the musculo-skeletal and nervous systems. Also in Chronic disease
Affects lymphatics, cellular tissue, lungs, pelvis, small joints.
Lying on abdomen, bending backward, stretching out, fresh air, being fanned, uncovering, hard rubbing, seaside, dampness, sunset.

Allen J.H. The chronic miasms, The discovery of the chronic miasms by Hahnemann was a deathblow to the erroneous conception of the etiology of disease.

Medorrhinum mind is with great weakness, dullness and desire to procrastinate, business seemed so lasting and feels like it will never could be accomplished entirely forgot what has read, even previous line forgetfulness of names, her or his best friends name, forgets her own,
cannot spell right, wonders a lot, dazed feeling as a far off sensation as if things were done a week ago.. Momentary loss of thoughts as if brain felt tight. Also feels as if life was unreal, tendency to suicide, gets up in night and takes his pistol. Always in a great hurry, later fatigue felt do to its hurry.

Alteration of happiness and gloominess, spirits in the depth, weighed down with heavy, solid gloom ameliorated by torrents of tears. Anticipates death, feeling as if he had committed the unpardonable sin and it is going to hell. Always wakens tired in the morning, hates to do anything that must be done. Even nice things gets nervous and excited.

Constant state of anguish, with a feeling of impending danger, irritated at little things, reading and writing makes her nervous and enrage her, with great selfishness We can also use it for the constitutional effects of maltreated and suppressed gonorrhea, when the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve.

For persons suffering from gout, rheumatism, neuralgia and diseases of the spinal cord and its membranes even organic lesions ending in paralysis, which can be traced to a sycotic origin.

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