Manuel Swedenborg and Kent:

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Manuel Swedenborg and Kent:
I was tremendously excited by what I had found. Swedenborg’s thought is exactly the same as Hahnemann’s discovery, only more far-reaching. The principle of likes extends throughout existence, and, in fact, is the means by which the world is manifest. The excitement of discovering their own whispered convictions shouted back to them from an unexpected direction must have had a powerful impact on the 19th century homeopaths when they first learned of Swedenborg. In the words of Kent: “Through familiarity with Swedenborg, I have found the correspondences wrought out from the Word of God harmonious with all I have learnt”.

Consider the following quotation from Swedenborg’s most important (and voluminous) work
Arcana Coelestia (paragraph 3628):

“The whole man in general, and in particular whatever is in man, has such a correspondence, in as much as there is not the smallest part, nor even the smallest constituent of a part, which does not correspond ……… and further, that unless there was such a correspondence of man with heaven, and by means of heaven with the Lord, thus with what is prior to himself, and by means of what is prior with the First, he would not subsist a single moment, but would fall into annihilation.”

Compare this now with Kent’s Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy (page 48):

“Each and every thing that appears before the eyes is but the representative of its cause, and there is no cause except in the interior. Cause does not flow from the outermost of man to the interior…….Causes exist in such subtle form that they cannot be seen by the eye…..They are so immaterial that they correspond to and operate upon the interior nature of man, and they are ultimated in the body in the form of tissue changes that are recognized by the eye. Such tissue changes must be understood as the results of disease only or the physician will never perceive what disease is, or what the nature of life is.”
In this last quotation it is difficult to tell where Hahnemann’s influence ended and Swedenborg’s began. In Kents Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy (page 42):

“The animal kingdom has in itself the image of sickness, and the vegetable and mineral kingdoms in like manner, and if man were perfectly conversant with the substances of these three kingdoms he could treat the whole human race.”
The other aspect of Swedenborg’s writing, which is probably even more important than the doctrine of correspondences, is his exaltation of love as the very soul of existence. Actually, in many ways, love is the whole of Swedenborg’s philosophy. He saw love as the essence of human beings. Love is what we are and the basis of our existence. Love is life. Feeling, not thought, is the substantive element in life. These beliefs are quite striking in a man of Swedenborg’s intellect. Some who didn’t care for his mysticism have called his intellect one of the greatest in the history of mankind. Swedenborg himself believed intelligence was far less important than love. He also believed that love was more important than faith. by Michel Carlston MD

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