MANGANUM CETICUM (manganese acetate)

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REMEDY OF THE DAY: MANGANUM ACETICUM (Manganese acetate) Blackwood L., Manual of Materia Medica.
Manganum causes anemia with destruction of the red corpuscles.
Jaundice, nephritis, with alabuminuria. Fatty degeneration of
liver. Paralysis agitans. Cellulitis, subacute stage, promotes
suppuration and hastens regeneration. Symptoms of chronic
poisoning, according to Prefessor Yon Jaksch, were involuntary
laughter and involuntary weeping and walking backwards.
Strongly exaggerated reflexes and physical disturbances,
evidenced by men making fun of each other’s gait. Paraplegia
progressive, wasting, feeble and staggering gait. Inflammation
of bones or joints, with highly digging pains asthmatic persons
who cannot lie on a feather pillow
syphilitic and chlorotic patients with general paralytic symptoms
often are benefited by this drug.
Gout, chronic arthritis, for speakers and singers,
great accumulation of mucus, growing pains and weak ankles.
General soreness and aching, every part of the body feels
sore when touched, early tuberculosis.
For Laryngeal catarrh in anemic persons with tubercular deposits
in lungs. Dr. Gupta R.L.
Kamthan P.S. Cancer curable, chronicity, hoarseness, cough
agg.evening and better when lying down, stitches y larynx,
extending to ear.
Master Hahnemann, Dr. Lippe and Dr. Guenrnsey used Mang. with
success in bone diseases, particularly inflammation and
suppuration or periosteum about joints and mastoid. Dr.
Cooper is said to have found it excellent in chronic otitis.
and otalgia as well otorrhea.
Throbbing and digging pains in bone affections, bruised feeling
all over body and agg. by damp cold and change of weather.
are the guiding symptoms. Note 1. Mang. Mur indicated if the
pain is located in ankle joint.
2. Mang.Oxydate, if pain in tibia is associated with diarrhea,
colic in lower abdomen and cramps in calves.
Rheumatism, chronic bone inflammation diagonal and perforating
pains at night tropism knees, folds of feet, root of the feet.
Tearing in whole spinal column, from above downward, stiff neck
pain in small of back on bending backward, CROSSWISE
shifting rheumatism, agg from touch, motion and at night.
Beatriz H Hill

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