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REMEDY OF THE DAY: MAGNESIA CARBONICA Known as the Gregory Powder – A deep and long acting remedy and permeates the economy as thoroughly as Sulphur Homeopathicly for nervous systems that require long term permanent calm, and its skin effects are reflected in the digestive track and viceversa, and because of its antiacid effect soothes the mucous surface with an anti acid and calming sustained effect. Cooper said works wonders in “worned out women” exhausted, do to the daily stress and worries of life, work, family, etc. When constipation and heaviness is present, and Mag.C has mental and physical sensibility, sensibility to touch, and sensibility to cold air. Neuralgic pains of high intensity, like lightning worse on left side < lying down and bettered by getting up and moving, walking, but if the person stops moving the pain becomes severe, shooting, tearing and cutting.Taste disorders, ascaries, cornea opacities, deafness, Dyspepsia, Periodicity, Cefalea < smoking. Mag.C affects the root of teeth with a change of weather. has many skin eruptions dry-scaly dandruff like eruptions very unhealthy hair and nails look. Marked periodicity every 2 days, every three weeks becomes worse any ailments. PREGNANT WOMEN toothache, tearing pains on left side and teeth become sensitive that they cannot be manipulated by the dentist, also for nausea, toothache, After urine infections do to hospital manipulations in Urethra. MAG C-KIDS producing a state as prior of tuberculosis for children of tuberculous parents have a tendency to go into marasmus. Children with flabby muscles, the child will not thrive in spite of feeding and medicines. Seems as if he had serious disease or trouble. will present in cases emaciation and sink of the back of head as if he had atrophy of brain or cerebellum. has an increased appetite for milk, meat and animal broths, but yet has an INTOLERANCE to milk and cannot digest it, and when the milk is taken it continually passes the bowel in potter’s clay look or putty. or green like scum on a frog pond . Kent: writes of Illegitimate infants, those that have been conceived by clandestine coition, orphans, adopted, in orphanate institutions who the occiput bone will sink in and parietal bones just over it producing a depression. The Mag C baby smells sour, their stool, like unclean. the Orphanage child that goes into marasmus, Small kids, sick

by Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática Behhill.

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