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Nettle-rash. — Itching, red, herpetic eruptions.

Sleepiness , early in the evening. — Sleeplessness , at night , from vehement pains in the head, abdomen and small of the back. — Many, also vexing and anxious dreams.

Chills and shivering, mostly in the evening, disappearing in bed. — Chills, at night, with thirst, continued till noon; perspiration in the afternoon, after lying down. — Heat , when rising up in bed , with giddiness , perspiration on the forehead, and redness of the face. — Alternation of heat and shivering, and redness and paleness of the countenance. — Perspiration at night, or in the morning, frequently with thirst.

Dolefulness and inclination to weep, with fearful, anxious timidity. — Easily irritated, and taking every thing amiss.

Fantasy, as if strangers were present.

Dullness in the head, as if it were firmly screwed. — Giddiness, with inclination to fall forwards, in the morning, and after dinner.

Pressing headache, as if the head were screwed together, excessively increased by moving the eyes. — Compressing headache, with heat in the head, and redness of the face. — Rending and stinging in the head, particularly the temples.

Congestion of the blood to the forehead, with an urging pain and heat in it. Sensation of looseness and motion of the brain, with every movement. — Most vehement headache, accompanied by shaking-chills.

Pain in the eyes, as if they were pressing out of the orbits, when looking side- wards. — Burning in the eyes, particularly with candle-light, in the evening and morning. — Stinging in the eyes. — The eyes running, and photophobia.

Stinging in the ears. — Ringing in the ears.

The nose aching as if ulcerated, particularly when touched. — Epistaxis, at night.

Tooth-ache, mostly in the evening, also when entering the room after having been in the open air, also excited by cold and warm things, and increased when taking food into the mouth, commonly jerking, pulling or throbbing.

Dryness with sensation of torpor in the mouth. — Roughness of the tongue. Vesicles on the edges of the tongue, with an intense pain.

Stinging pain in the throat, at night, and chiefly when swallowing. — Dryness and sensation of torpor in the throat. — Much phlegm in the throat. — Sour phlegm expectorated.

Taste bitter or sweetish-bitter, particularly in the morning. — Thirst, chiefly in the morning and evening. — Anorexia, and loathing of all food, even when thinking of it. — Aversion to meat.

Empty, slimy, bitter and putrid eructation. — Watery regurgitation, preceded by trembling in the stomach. — Loathing and nausea with a collection of water in the mouth. — Vomiting first of what has been eaten, then of mucus.

The stomach as if cold, with inclination to vomit, in the morning in bed.

Stinging, particularly in the evening, before and after meals, in the left hypochondrium.

The abdomen tense, hard and full. — Vehement stinging in the whole abdomen, particularly about the navel. — Painful drawing in the abdomen. — Urging and straining in the groin, with pain as if it would burst, when stretching out the body.

The stool sometimes hard, at other times soft. — Purging stools, with much thirst. — Ascarides with the stool.

Increased urine. — Urinating at night. — Urine discharged by drops. — Bright, greenish urine. — After urination, stinging in the orifice of the urethra.

Menses too early and too profuse, with a thick, black blood. — Discharge of blood during the intervals of menstruation. — During menstruation , heaviness of the head, and chills. — Thick, copious leucorrhcea, with a sensation as if beaten, in the small of the back, and the thighs. — Burning leucorrhcea, particularly discharged with motion.

Much yellow, thick nasal mucus. — Flowing catarrh, husky speech, sore nose and pain in the chest.

Dry, fatiguing cough , in the morning , after awaking , which compels one to sit up. — Morning – cough , with expectoration , and sensation of soreness in the chest, throat and mouth.

Pressure on the chest with obstruction of breath, chiefly in the morning, or at night in bed. — Burning in the chest, also with a cough.

Pain in the back as if beaten, in the morning when awaking. — Rending in the back, at night, which makes it necessary to walk about.

Stinging and tension in the nape.

Twitching of the arms. — Rending in the shoulders and arms. — Tearing and stinging in the hand and fingers, with contraction of the parts. — Tremor of the hands. — Rending in the points of the fingers, at night.

Nocturnal pains in the legs and small of the back. — Heaviness, sometimes in the hips, at other times in the small of the back. — Rending in the legs, particularly in the thigh-bone.— Tearing and stinging in the toes.

Reference: Jahr’s Manual on Homeopathy

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