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Muscus terrestris repens, Pes ursinus, clubmoss, wolf’s claw.
Called the “Vegetable Sulphur” because provides LIGHT to
the dais theater, in a point where the patient needs it LIGHT.
Together with Calcarea C and Sulphur make the TRIADA of
the most important remedies of the Materia Medica.
Silent, melancholic, bad tempered, desperate for his eternal
salvation, an intelectual person who struggles in life for his
personal glory, his thirst for personal achivements that will give him a place higher in life so he works hard for it.
the remedy has a primary action in the digestive organs and
urinary tract. A deep acting remedy, progressive and Chronic
diseases carcinoma, emaciated, pre seniliity, ascites and
liver disease, thin whithered full of gas and dry. lacks vital
heat, has poor circulation, cold extremities, sensitive to noise and odors. A right sided remedy but not exclusively.
spells or writes worng words, cannot read what he writes,
cannot bear anything new, sadness in the morning.
Disposition to cry especially when being thanked or getting
goals in life, anguish when approached by persons.
Men fear being alone with aversion to it. Fears his own
shadow, susceptible to natural causes of fear. Greedy
and miserly, person, Excessive sensibility as a key note.
Impotency with a flacid pennis.
Excited after a cup of wine, Irracible, obstinate, works to succeed but fears authority, aldough he is bossy with others he considers underneeth, Bully, aprehensive, his hair becomes prematurely gray, viscid offensive perspiration especially feet and axila.
In the digestive action has aversion to bread and agg. by
bread or food made of any fermented dough.
Bloded abdomen, acid eructations, borgborism, pain in
Its key notes.
1. Agravates 4-8pm betters 9pm no matter what is wrong.
2. From right to left, starts at right extending to left.
abdomen, ovaries, throat, head pains.
3. Betters by uncovering specially headache > taking off
4. Betters by hot drinks < by cold drinks and food 5. Fan like motionf of aloe nasi, with brain, lung,or abdominal issues, cannot protude his tongue with spasms going to side to side like a pendulo. 6. Hot flushes súbit, pain as lightning, subit, easy sasiate, sypmtoms come and go easily. 7. Sensation as if a big hand were in the body pressing the organs. 8. Restlessness bettered by movement. 9. Right foot hot or warm, left foot cold (or limbs) 10. Burning pains bettered by heat>
Burning pain betweeen scapulae.
Burning, stinging pain in mammae (like hot balls)
11 Dryness of the mucous membranes, vagina and skin
specially of palms, painful coitus.
12. INTOLERANT To beans, peas, bread,
Peculiar symptoms: Hears music at night, the music
he was hearing during the day.
LYC KIDS. Cures Inguinal hernia, right side.
Precocious weakly children, atony and malnutrition kids.
Constipated infants with tenesmus and spasmodic constriction
of recto. Urinary and gastric distension, Renal colic with
tearing pain of the right urether as if small sone was passing.
The kid cries before and after urination, with back pain and red sediments left in dipper
PREGNANT WOMEN, in nausea, vomits, excessive fetal
movements, burning hot pains in labor, with bloded abdomen
Puerperal fever as if hot balls were falling from the back through the mammas
Aneurisma, nervus, varicose veins, and betters all heart disease with DROPSY.
Chonic gout, Modalities.–Worse, right side, from right to left, from above downward, 4 to 8 pm; from heat or warm room, hot air, bed. Warm applications, except throat and stomach which are better from warm drinks. Better, by motion, after midnight, from warm food and drink, on getting cold, from being uncovered.

Relationship.–Complementary: Lycop acts with special benefit after Calcar and Sulphur. Iod; Graphites, Lach; Chelidon.

for ILH by Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática Behhill

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