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Give yourself a chance to be healthy, the lotus flower grows only
in the deepest mud. It´s seeds drop the blossom into the muddly water
bellow and out of this darkness comes the beautiful delicate lotus flower
Let Homeopathy be the seed of the lotus to bring up health for you
from the deepest illness and bloom again with a renewed mind, (as
Dr. Kent said, the homeopathic remedy acts first in the mind so you
will have will) feelings, and a bloomed body. This means to give
your self a lift in purity out of illness with the power of renewal all
bodies have in its own divine nature, with the fundamental unity of
consciousness with divine beauty with the expansion of the soul.
The growth of its pure beauty from the mind holds a spiritual promise
“One who performs his duty without attachment, surrendering the
results into the supreme Lord, is unaffected by sinful action, as the
lotus is untoched by mud, so is our health when we give the body
the chance to bloom again.”
This is just a spiritual thought I Beatriz, wanted to leave as meassage
to all our fans, let the new year be the renewal as each day the sun
goes up so can we, each one of us have the information inside
to renew, Homeopathy can help, but the decision to give yourself
the chance is yours, that is why I did not wrote a remedy I invite
you to be healthy through the Art of Cure, Homeopathy.
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 BeatrizHH for I Love Homeopathy 12-31-2010

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