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Common Flax, or linseed and the remedy made of seeds.
A Poultice of linseed or the dust as Dr. A.G.Tower experienced while preparing the poultice he reported intense conjunctivitis and chemosis that came at once, and in an hour the eye was closed and remained swollen for the next three days, the irritation passed along the lachrymal duct and the same burning and irritation took place in the nose driving him wild. The swelling closed the nostrils and had to breath through the mouth, the irritation spread to the throat with white blisters and attacks of bronchial asthma supervened slightly relieved by large doses of Ipecac.

Within two hours the skin became with urticaria ” I was one complete blotch from the crown of my head to the end of my toes” a complete bodily eruption smart, sting, burn was felt.

Perfectly conscious, but only able to express herself by signs, violent pain in cheeks and temples, rigid and prominent temporal muscles, jerk rapidly. Face red, slightly moist. Jaws immovably clenched. tongue was down into the throat, complete paralysis of tongue, cannot articulate a syllable.

Tip of the tongue was turned upward and backwards so as to touch the velum palati Fullness of stomach and precordial uneasiness, immediately after swallowing the flax seed oil. followed by convulsions, vomiting, and copious stool. Skin and air passages with their offshoots are involved (asthma and skin eruptions are often found associated in natural disease) in certain cases, the nerve centers mothers the soothing effects of linseed-tea
and linseed poultices are really of a specific and homeopathic nature.

A teaspoonful of unground linseed steeped in warm water for half an hour and then taken acts as a laxative.
Bruised and mixed with vinegar they ease the pains of the spleen, being applied to the sides help hardness and swellings of the matrix; being boiled the decoction helps scabby heads.
Mayo Clinic in the USA information- says contains Omega 3 fatty acids for coronary artery disease or hyperlipidemia. The lignun constituents of flax seed possesses invitro antioxidants and possible receptor agonist/antagonist properties prompting theories of efficacy for the treatment of breast cancer and a hyperglycemia effect.

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