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Valeriana Officinalis
Generalities: He has no rest anywhere, as if he were
expecting a joyful event, General weariness, specially
of the extremities. Great debility and drowsiness
the second day, discomfort of the whole body.
Drawing in many places, now here, now there, like
transient jerks. Twitching and jerking in various parts of
the muscles, superficially. Smarting pressure as if
excoriated, or dull sticking as with a bard.
Excessive nervous excitability – hysterical nervous
temperament, persons whom the intellectual
faculties predominate, with a changeable disposition.
Red parts become white.
Feels light as if floating in the air
Oversensitiveness of all the senses.
Sensation of great coldness in head
Sensation as if a thread were hanging down throat
on tongue. Children vomits curdled milk, in large
bumps, same in stools, right after being nursed,
especially if the mother has been angry.
Sciatica : pain <when standing and letting foot
rest on floor, when straightening out limbs during rest
from previous exertion > when walking.
Baehr B, The science of therapeutics writes a
remedy for diseases of the nervous system -Hysteria
where the nerves are morbidly excited with
sensation of lassitude and extreme susceptibility of
all senses. a fitful mood, but the disposition is
rather of a fearful and desponding cast.
Bell J D, describes the remedy with thin,
watery stools with lumps of coagulated milk, Greenish,
paperscent with blood.
In children after abuse of chamomilla or chamomilla tea.
Constant pressing and violent screaming during stool.
Although this agent is a mild stimulant to the circulatory
and nervous system, it is antispasmodic, laxative,
diaphoretic and anthelmintic.
If large douses are employed, nausea, vomiting,
diarrhea and hiccough with frequent urination result.
If it is long continued, a state of low melancholy and
hysterical depressions results.
The heart action is increased, the temperature raised
and formication of the hands and feet is complained of.
Beatriz H HillMedicina Homeopática Behhill

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