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Common name: Duckweed

A catarrhal remedy. Acts especially upon the nostrils. Nasal polypi; swollen turbinates. Atrophic rhinitis. Asthma from nasal obstruction; worse in wet weather.

J. C. Burnett in a communication to E. P. Anshutz, Dr. Cooper told me that he had relieved a case of nasal polypus with LEMNA MINOR, and having several cases of the kind that had long been under my observation I thought it is my duty to give them the benefit of Lemna.

Case: A gentleman of sixty years of age, with a nasal polypus only moderately developed, yet of many years’ duration, was much troubled by the chronic nasal obstruction which was markedly worse in wet weather.
I gave him Lemna 3X five drops in water, night and morning. Returning in a month, he explained: ” that is the best tonic I have ever taken; I have never taken any medicine in my life that has done me so much of good. I feel quite comfortable in my nose and can breathe through it quite well.

Lemna Minor: New, Old and Forgotten Remedies, by Dr. A. P. Anshutz.


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