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A South american snake first proved by Constantine Hering.
On July 28, 1828
and while manipulating the venom Hering had fever with
delirium and maniac excitement, next morning, lucky to be
alive, asked his wife what he had said and done, then got
to work writing down the cymptoms he had manifested
during his experimentations with Lach.
During the rest of his life Hering could not tolerate tight
collars, men used at that time, intolerance to tight clothes
which is one of the important symptoms, propention to talk
a lot, coming from a snake called mutus, (surukuku) with in
native Tupi language means WHAT SLIPS AND MAKES
DISAPPEAR. According to Clarke’s Dictionary of M. M
The four grand characteristics of Lach. are: (1) < By sleep. (2) Excessive sensitiveness of the surface with intolerance of touch or constriction. (3) Left-sidedness, and the direction left to right: symptoms begin on the left side and either remain there or proceed to the right. (4) > From the onset of a discharge.
There is headache > as soon as nasal catarrh comes on.
Uterine pains > as soon as menses appear. The other side of
this is < from non-appearance of an expected discharge, and it is this which is the foundation of the appropriateness of Lach. to the climacteric state. Wherever one or more of these features is prominent in any case Lach. will most likely prove the remedy. Hom├àÔÇ£opathic literature abounds with illustrations of the first named├óÔÇØÔé¼< from sleep. Allen's key notes Diphteria, tonsillitis, starst in left side. < hot drinks, cannot swallow liquids. ONANISMO, JELOUSY, Ailments for long sufferings, fright, vexation, love disappointment Lachesis is faithful to her partner, but if she feels betrayed, becomes violent, hates, choleric, melancholic, usually emaciated black eyed persons that have changed mental, and physically because of their sickness. Feelings she is in the hands of a great power, likes fresh air, and can feel a perfect happynes and loving person followed by a gradual spiritual down, lack of control and lascivia, so she pays. 100 pages of Lchesis in Materia Medica Guiding Symptoms. volume vi by Hering were writting, when he died,was celebrating 50th aniversary of this remedy introduction to the M. M. By Beatriz H Hill

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