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This is a remedy peculiarly adapted to malignant catarrh. Throat and fauces are inclined to swell and throw off plastic exudations; glands become enlarged about the neck, and even the kidneys become so involved as to eliminate albumen in place of the normal urinary products. Sometimes the attacks begin with a vesicular eruption about the nose like Rhus Tox., accompanied by lachrymation and coryza, which has been inaugurated with a headache, and this passes off with no graver symptoms than a Rhus or Mercurius catarrh, which it somewhat resembles in objective symptoms, but the subjective symptom of wanting to creep up to the tire and lie down will distinguish Lach. The highest value may be placed upon it for controlling that form of infectious catarrh which begins with an attack upon the left side, throwing out plastic exudations upon the left tonsil, and along the pharynx toward the right.

For catarrhs not infectious which appear in the spring, with much sensitiveness of the throat, it is often the similimum. For a catarrh where the mucous membranes are swollen, look blue, and parts very tender, and where the nose is filled with scabs and bloody pus oozes from the nostrils, Lachesis is indicated. The neck is often so tender it will not bear contact. Pressure produces coughing, which is violent and long continued. Patient coughs worse after sleep, after eating, and may have to leave the table. Worse after sleep is very characteristic. Perspiration strong, smelling like garlic.


Chas. M.,Age. 8, has been sick 5 days. Constant delirium, which changes rapidly from one subject to another; talks, sings or whistles constantly; makes odd motions with right arm as if reaching for some object; throat is filled with membrane of a dark color, which was developed from left to right; has not slept for 72 hours, but during the last 12 hours has occasionally fallen into a light sleep, -which is followed In/ aggravation of symptoms. Urine high-colored and strong; body covered with bluish rash eruption, which is round and elevated. Prescribed Lachesis 4, cured in a few days.

Dr. Guernsey gives left side attack as characteristic of Lach.

T. J., Age. 10, been sick 4 days; drowsy, with livid hue of face; delirious mutterings, especially at night. Slow, difficult speech and open mouth; tongue trembles when protruded, tip red; tonsils and pharynx swollen, most on left side, where heavy, grayish membrane spreads toward the right side, fully two-thirds the distance. Left paro-tid badly swollen, and difficulty of swallowing so great seems as if suffocation would follow; urine scanty and dark; bloody purulent discharge from the nose.

Lachesis 200, with convalescence in a week.— & N. B.

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