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(skimmed cow’s milk) NOT SCARED TO DIE but sure he will. in scanty breast milk do to atrophy of the mammary glands and diminution in secretion of milk.

Depression of spirits ; don’t care to live ; question as to quietest and most certain way of hasteningone’s death. Depression of spirits which is not dissipated by conversation. Head light, with throbbing in temples. Imagines that all her friends will die and that she must go to a convent.
Can remember what has been read only by a strong effort of will. Severe headache with a sensation as if top of head was lifted off, raised about five inches and brains were coming out, head feels hot, motion aggravated pain, face felt as if flesh was off bones and their edges were separated and sticking out, better in five minutes after Lac. Defloratum.

Menses delayed a week with congestion of blood to head. coldness of hands, nausea and vertigo, after taking Lac. Defloratum
menses commenced next morning, scanty with pain in back sensation of weight and dragging in left ovarium region.

HYPERSENSIBILITY TO MILK, in children or babies. Also whenever there is a milk aggravation consider the possibility of one of the milk remedies being indicated to control an acute condition either Lac. Defloratum or Lac. Can. Sometime mother nursing the baby, could have trouble do to
low grade milk. Try Lac. Defloratum with the mother when milk is poor in quantity and bring it to the required standard Nat. C. or Silicea are all that the mother needs to change her milk.

Allen mentions constipation long, dry and hard stool,voided with great difficulty, paralysis of the sphincter ani, anus feels always open,
One notable characteristic is that sometimes the headache is RELIEVED BY A PROFUSE FLOW OF URINE.

With weakness and trembling belonging tho this remedy. that is often the case in headache of nervous hysterical woman.
wom .

Reference: The Materia Medica of the Nosodes.
By H. C. ALLEN, M. D.

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