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Swan introduced this remedy HEAD AND EYE PAINS.
Terrible headache penetrating the left eyeball, to centre of brain,
with pain in left-supra-orbital region extending through brain to
right vertex.
…Pain in eyes back into head, extremely sharp, with a sensation as if the
eyes extended back. Great photophobia, any continued glare causes
pain on left eye inflamed three weeks, deep red, photophobia
especially on left side. Burning in left temple, near eye,
every four hours, Pain for three nights like a knife runing from left
eye to left occiput, on lying down, especially on left side.
MIND: Great depression of spirits, very cross to everyone, fear of
falling downstairs, but without vertigo, morbid conscientiousness
every little fault appeared a crime. Mental illusion that the corners
of furniture or any pointed object near her, were about to run into
eyes and the symptom is purely mental. (asthenopia)
Cannot bear the smell of clams, of which she is very fond, and
cannot eat them. Pains in all teeth as the hot pain from head
touched them. Loss of taste, very sore, dry, sticky mouth.
No appetite, swollen feeling after eating, has to take off her dress
and loosen clothes. Great desire to eat PAPER
Natural stool, but very slow passing, 2am
inability of rectum to expell its contents.
Heavy profound sleep, not easily awakened. Dreams of snakes
Left foot feels cold when touched by right foot. Burning palms and
soles. Cracking at jaw while eating.
>cold, cold drinks
<morning of one day, evening of next.
Beatri H Hill, Medicina Homeopática

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