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Potassium Iodide, Kali Hydriodicum KI, left sided REMEDY.
In active secondary stage syphylis, constitutional ulcers,
sub-acute rheumatism, and the iodide will do the job. K. iod., being anti-syphilitic, is also antidotal to mercury. Experience seems to show that it is those patients who are charged with the disease or with mercury, or both together, who can support the massive doses of K. iod. which are sometimes given. But the salt is often given as a diagnostic, and then, if care is not taken, there is great danger to the patient. I have seen patients irretrievably reduced in strength by K. iod. given on the supposition that they were syphilitic Clarke…
His mind is crazy at night, locuacity and fool of jokes,
sadness with anxiety, fears, every little noise will scare,
weeping by any little couse, fears the new daylight in the
morning and dayly life seems intolerable. rigidity of ideas.
Loss of memory, does not find the words at the right
moment, cannot play music, numbness of the hands
with marked weakness of the limbs, mental weakness
and paroxisms of madness with cephalea…
Emaciation, Marasmo like third stage of phtysis.
Muscle paroxysms < left arm, < left sided eye, mouth Goitre, and as a supplement it is used for Radiation toxicity, overacting thyroide, or used as a nutrition supplement toprevent goitre, or other oidine defficiency in human or animal bodies. >open air,

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