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Jalapa. is the well-known purgative of old-school practice. It has had a short proving by Noack and Trinks, and a later one by Jeanes.

The characteristic stools of Jalap. are: Watery, sour-smelling, and bloody. There is cutting colic before and during the stool. The most marked < is at night. A child may be quite quiet all day, but screams and tosses about all night. In such a case Jalap. is very likely to be the remedy whether the child is suffering from diarrhœa or other complaint. Allen gives this as cured: Coryza in an infant, violent attacks of crying and intense pain; quiet during the day, but screaming all night. Nash cured with Jalap. 12 a desperate case of entero-colitis in which there was screaming all day as well as all night. With the screaming there were constant contortions of the body, bending forward, backward, and sideways alternately. There is great restlessness and anxiety with Jalap. General coldness and blueness of the face. The abdominal pain is very severe: “as if the abdomen would be Cut to Pieces”; severe griping, cutting pains. Pain in sigmoid flexure. There is great weakness; fainting fits; excessive uneasiness and tossing about of limbs. There is an increase of pain by eructations of frothy matter and flatulence.


Great restlessness with anxiety.

Violent headache.─Pain in head; smarting in skin of forehead.

Humming in ears.

Dryness of lips.

Biting and smarting of tongue.─Stinging on tongue and in fauces.

Flatulent and frothy eructations with abatement of pain.─Nausea.

Pain in r. hypochondrium.─Severe griping, cutting pain in bowels,

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