Irritability, Restlessness and Anger in Animals

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Irritability, Restlessness and Anger in Animals

A few examples of bad traits to be found in animals and birds, and when the suggested remedy is mentioned in Capitals compare the “picture” of the animal with that of the remedy.

That dangerous dog, usually chained up for long periods, that rushes out at passer-by and would relish the seat of anyone’s trouser if he had the chance. ACONITE

The dog that insists on a fight at every oppurtunity. SULPHUR or NUX VOMICA

Whilst many bulls are docile by nature, some are otherwise and it is wise therefore not to take a risk. The vicious bull , often is kept in solitary confinement, may have become violent by bad treatment, and if it is known that the caretaker is known to have his bad moods and vents his anger on the animals, then see to it that the caretake has his dose of NUX VOMICA. This may sound silly at first but the caretaker will return to Harmony and peace prevail in the cowshed.

The other is the Pig the tries to bite. ANTIMONIUM CRUDUM.

The oversexed billy goat. TARENTULA

The spiteful cat with a bad temper. SULPHUR

The horse that is liable to kick or bite or do both. ANACARDIUM or NUX VOMICA

The 30th potency is most commonly used and the frequency of the dose should be varied according to the severity of the symptom.

Please consult a Vet Homeopath for a more accurate remedy choice.

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