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> to arrange thoughts. China.

> to collect thoughts or ideas. Ferr., Laur.

> to collect thoughts or to study. Pic-ac.

> to comprehend or remember what is read. Lyc.

> to concentrate thoughts. Alet., Canth., Corn.

> to express one’s self. Bell., Can-sat., Kali-brom., Lach., Lyc, Nux-v., Puls., Thuja.

> to find the right word when talking. Phos-ac.

> to fix attention on one subject for any length of time. Senecio.

> to fix attention, sometimes with numbness of extremities. Natr-m. (Pic-ac.)

> to fix attention when reading; has to read things twice or thrice before understanding. Agn., Corn. (Cimicif., Gels., Phos.)

> to fix mind. Mel.

> to keep mind long on any subject. Phos.

> to reflect. Hell.

> to remember or comprehend what is read. Lyc.

> to sustain any mental effort. Coni., Gels., Nux-v.

> to think. Alu., Hell., Lyc, Natr-s., Sil.

> to think, comprehend or study, with loss of memory. Gymno.

> to think; ideas slow; cannot keep mind on any particular subject, or sustain any mental effort. Gels., Phos., Phos-ac.

> to think intently. Lach.

> to think or direct thoughts. Hyos.

> to think or fix attention. Gels, (Nux-v., Phos-ac.)

> think or perform any mental labor; mind feels stupefied on trying to make an exertion. Natr-c.

> to think properly. Nux-v.

> to think; thoughts cannot be directed or controlled. Hyos.

> to find a proper word while talking. Plumb.

> to get mind fixed on business or to stand any prolonged mental effort. Coni.

> to concentrate thoughts. Tereb.

> to recall any thought or event thoughts crowding on brain causes. Can ind

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