An Acute Case of Leg Injury

By Dr. Minal Dhas

Case Studies

A case that needs to be in the light for the general public and students to understand that such small ailments can be treated with Homoeopathy. No ortho surgeon nor a second opinion is required. The  relief ensues even before any modern medicine. It is an important example of  a case to allay the anxiety of our patient first before we prescribe for the chief complaints. 

A 38years lady who is a regular patient of my clinic texted me on the 1st of July 2020, noon asking me to suggest a best orthopedic surgeon in town as she wants to take an appointment.

On further enquiry she narrated that she had bumped her left foot with the wall while walking hastily. I asked her to write down the symptoms and send me picture of the bump.

She had swelling in the proximal phalanx of 2nd toe of left foot.

C/O pain on touch, pain while putting foot on ground < pressure when doing work  < walking.

Pain also on posterior aspect of same toe on pressure.

No radiation of pain. No modalities of hot or cold applications available. No physical generals affected.

She was anxious about the swelling. So we got an x-ray to rule out fracture. 

After x-ray her anxiety was reduced to almost 50%. 

Meanwhile I had called her for follow-up.

Totality formed and remedy came to be Bryonia 30 5 pills qds x 3days.

Follow-up next day I.e.  24 hours later swelling disappeared.

Pain better by 75 percent. 

Follow up after 48 hours- No pain, no swelling. 

Bryonia stopped and her regular medicines started.

Let me know if you find this useful as per your standards.

Dr Minal Dhas
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