An exhaustive study of Homeopathic remedies for Whooping cough.


When the convulsive period of the whooping cough is passed, and the complaint is on the decline, the medicines most frequently indi-cated against the catarrhal cough which remains are :
Is especially indicated when the child cries much after coughing, or when the paroxysms are preceded or excited by cries and tears.
Carbo vegetabilis
When the catarrhal cough frequently relapses into a convulsive cough; or when, notwithstanding the cessation of the other symptoms of real whooping cough, the vomiting continues.
When the catarrhal cough is accompanied by expectoration of much mucus.
Hepar sulphuris
When the cough is considerably abated, but hollow, dry, and hoarse, with retching after the paroxysms, and frequent tears.
Loose cough, with easy expectoration of serous mucus.
Although the different stages of whooping cough are here enumerated, with the medicines generally applicable to each, the practitioner will of course understand that the choice of a remedy must not be absolutely determined by what is here stated. All these medicines having, in their pathogenesy, many more symptoms than are recapitulated in this place, and the same disease being capable of exhibiting many shades of difference, according to the constitution of the individual who is attacked by it, it is possible that a medicine ‘ which is here cited only against the precursory symptoms of whooping cough, or against a cough which resembles it, may frequently be found suitable against the true whooping cough.
In a word, it cannot too frequently be repeated that the choice of a medicine must never he decided by the Name of the disease, hut by the symptomatic indications presented by each case treated.
Reference: Hull’s Jahr, A manual of Homeopathic practice

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