An exhaustive study of Homeopathic remedies for Whooping cough.


The convulsive form of whooping cough, which is that under consideration, is not, however, always entirely developed ; and it is often found, when this disease prevails as an epidemic, that children are affected by a spasmodic cough, which has not at all the characteristics of whooping cough, or rather the disease itself (according to circumstances) assumes a form more or less different from the ordinary one.
The medicines which, in such cases, are most frequently indicated are
Is especially indicated when there are very marked cerebral affections, or when the cough is preceded by a painful sensation in the region of the stomach, with bleeding at the nose and mouth, or else with ecchymosis in the eye ; or when there are other spasmodic affections, such as eclampsia, convulsive asthma, Also when the paroxysms terminate in sneezing.
When the paroxysms of suffocating cough take place especially in the evening, or at night, and also invariably after eating or drinking, with want of breath, choking, and vomiting of ingesta.
When the cough is excited by an insupportable tickling in the bronchia, with undulating respiration during the paroxysms, excessive anguish before the fits, great fatigue, and emaciation.
When the cough is violent, and attended by vomiting after every fit of coughing, without any other symptom characteristic of whooping cough.
When the cough comes on only at night, or else only by day, and when it manifests itself in two paroxysms which occur in rapid succession ; and which are separated from the two following paroxysms by longer intervals ; or in the true whooping cough, when the child bleeds profusely at the nose and mouth, when vomiting, with copious sweat at night, and great nervous susceptibility ; especially in children subject to verminous affections, or to convulsions.
{Carb.-v. is often suitable in this last case after Merc.)
When the paroxysms of coughing are accompanied by vomiting, and will yield to none of the other medicines cited.

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