An exhaustive study of Homeopathic remedies for Whooping cough.


In the Second Stage of the whooping cough (the Convulsive Period), with vomiting and bleeding at the nose and mouth, the principal remedies are :
Is especially indicated when the child suddenly becomes stiff during the paroxysm ; and when, after the paroxysm, a clucking noise is heard, descending from the gullet into the abdomen. This medicine is also almost a specific in children who have verminous symptoms, such as frequent griping, itching in the anus, and disposition to rub the nose frequently, or to poke the fingers into it. In this case Merc will also be found very beneficial.
When, during the paroxysm, there is rigidity of the body, with suspended respiration and loss of consciousness ; vomiting after the paroxysms, and rattling of mucus in the chest when not coughing. {Verat. will be often found suitable after Cupr.)
When, besides the symptoms peculiar to this stage, the paroxysms are excessively violent, and the sibilant sound of the cough is very marked ; when thero is no fever ; or when, on the contrary, the fever is strongly developed, with shuddering and heat, thirst only after the shivering, perspiration rather hot than cold, or only at night ; aggravation of this state during repose ; amelioration from movement. This medicine is, besides, always preferable when the whooping cough is entirely developed, with vomiting of food or slimy matter, and bleeding at the nose and mouth. {Verat. is some times suitable after Dros.)
Frequently when Dros. proves insufficient against the symptoms of the convulsive stage ; or else before that medicine, especially when the child is very weak, with a kind of slow fever, cold perspiration, especially on the forehead ; small, quick, and weak pulse ; great thirst ; emission of urine, or pain in the chest and inguina during the paroxysms ; drowsiness between the paroxysms, with repugnance to movement and conversation ; weakness of the nape of the neck, so great as to be unable to hold up the head ; miliary eruption over the whole body, or only on the hands and face.

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