2% and 8% of the adult population is plagued by nightmares.
Although nightmares and night terrors both cause people to awake in great fear, they are different. Night terrors typically occur in the first few hours after falling asleep. They are experienced as feelings, not dreams, so people do not recall why they are terrified upon awakening.
Homeopathy has many remedies that can help you cope.
Aconite. For children and women, with feverish heat, thirst, palpitation, anguish, restlessness.
Guaiacum. Nightmare when lying on back, waking with screams, feels unrefreshed when waking up, everything seems too tight; feels exhausted, as after great exertion, especially in thighs and arms; great accumulation of wind in abdomen, with pinching from incarcerated flatulence.
Mezereum. Awakens after midnight from vivid dreams, and -with nightmare, worse on awaking; burning and uneasiness in stomach, relieved by eating.
Acidum nitricum. Nightmare shortly after falling asleep; shocks on dropping to sleep; on awaking feels as if he has not slept enough; excessive physical irritability, with weakness and trembling, especially in the morning.
Nux vomica. Nightmare after taking a heavy supper or taking alcoholic beverages ; during sleep blowing-snoring respiration ; dreams full of bustle and hurry ; springs up delirious, has frightful visions, awakens in fright from the least noise.
Opium. Severe paroxysms, with suppressed breathing, half-opened eyes, open mouth, stertorous breathing, rattling, anxious features, cold sweat, twitching and convulsive motions of extremities ; stupid sleeplessness, with frightful visions; before midnight.
Pulsatilla. Stertorous inspirations.; anxious sad dreams, with weeping; lying on one’s back, with the arms stretched above the head, or with the arms laid crosswise on the abdomen, and the feet drawn up; dreams of black beasts ; talking, whining, and screaming during sleep ; unrefreshing sleep, sleepy and drowsy by day.
Sulphur. Light, unrefreshing sleep, with aching or beating pains in the head, the arms stretched above the head, the eyes sometimes half open ; talks loudly while asleep; jerks and twitches during sleep ; awakens with a start or scream.
Terebinthina. Nightmare shortly after falling asleep; frequent waking and tossing about at night ; great languor and loss of strength ; worms, with foul breath, choking sensation in throat ; dry hacking cough ; vertigo,

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  1. Can anyone suggest remedy for a person who has suffered financial Loss in the past. He Screams and Cries in Sleep for some sort of help. There must be some issue abt some Financial ruin / starvation still there in his sub conscious mind.
    Pl connect with me on Thanks.


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