Nux vom. should be given for a dry cough, which is caused by a rough, scraping, acrid sensation, and itching in the palate; when it is lasting and weakening, with pain, as if the head were being rent asunder, or a sensation as if bruised in the upper part of the belly — after- ward pains under the ribs, particularly when the cough awakens the patient early, or only a little mucus is discharged with much trouble. Also, when a slight cough lasts the whole day, with pain in the pit of the throat — is worse in the evening, but better during the night; during the night oppression of breathing, an apparent weight upon the chest, and the patient has a heated and a parched mouth. For energetic and plethoric patients who drink much coffee and spirituous liquors also answers for a dry exhausting cough, which is worse during the night, with trifling expectoration in the morning — worse from reading, thinking and exercise.



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