An exhaustive study of homeopathic remedies for Eczema


Kali carbonicum

Eczema all over the body, especially on the abdomen and around the nipples. Dry scaly spots with violent itching. Eruption dry at first but after scratching exudes a moisture. Appears in warm weather. In persons with dry skin, or who are inclined to pulmonary troubles.

Ledum palustre

Eczema only on covered parts. Gnawing Itching of the skin, with unnatural dryness of the surface. Enlargement of the cervical glands. Adapted to rheumatic individuals and drunkards.

Lappa major

Eczema of the scalp extending to the face. Moist, had smelling eruption on the heads of children. Large grayish-white crusts on the scalp with loss of hair. Swelling and suppuration of the axillary glands. Disposition to boils.


Eczema on the legs. Ulcers on the lower extremities. Pricking, pulsating tearing pains. Variable appetite. Burning in the palms
and soles. Often useful in women during the climacteric period.


Eczema beginning on the back of the head and extending to the face. Moist eruption with abundant foul-smelling secretion. Humid eruption with fissures followed by thick crusts. Biting and itching when becoming warm and from poultices. The surface bleeds easily, after scratching. Inclined to constipation.

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  1. History of the case w’d suggest! I’ll begin with torrent hisp 30, Inshallah, it should bring out the mischief! Don’t fear at that stage but take Ars 30 powder if restlessness follows then. Hope it w’d complete the case. Not to discontinue Ars midway! I w’d clap and celebrate recovery if u ring back or mail the news! It may take up to 6 months time; Ok?

  2. there are many diffrnt types of eczema.atopic dermatitis is a form of eczema related to the same immune reaction….


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