An exhaustive study of homeopathic remedies for Eczema



Dry scaly eruption on the head extending to the temples, eyebrows, ears and neck, with itching tingling and biting. Itching vesicles with shooting pains. Skin extremely sensitive to the touch, burning violently after scratching. Dryness of covered parts; perspiration on uncovered parts smelling like Honey. In dark complexioned individuals.

Viola tricolor

Eczema on the face. Humid eruption with intolerable nightly itching. Discharge of yellow water or pus. Swelling of the cervical glands. Verminous crusts. Urine smells like cat’s urine.

Zincum phosphoricum

Itching especially in the flexures of the joints. Formication under the skin. Fidgety, restless, changeable humor. Exhaustion of nerve centers. Profuse sweating of the feet. Constipation. Varicose veins. Worse during afternoon and evening. Aggravated by wine.

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  1. History of the case w’d suggest! I’ll begin with torrent hisp 30, Inshallah, it should bring out the mischief! Don’t fear at that stage but take Ars 30 powder if restlessness follows then. Hope it w’d complete the case. Not to discontinue Ars midway! I w’d clap and celebrate recovery if u ring back or mail the news! It may take up to 6 months time; Ok?

  2. there are many diffrnt types of eczema.atopic dermatitis is a form of eczema related to the same immune reaction….


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