Here we discuss the Remedy resonance of remedies that are used in the treatment of Gout. There are many more remedies, that your homeopath will decide based on the similimum.
Actaea spicata: Gout of the small joints of the fingers and wrists
Benzoicum acidum: Gouty pains in patients suffering from urinary troubles.
Bryonia alba: Pains worse after the slightest motion, or current of cold air; patient feels chilly.
Caulophyllum: Pains in the small joints like fingers toes, ankles. The wrists ache.
Causticum: When there is deformities of the joins. Unable to sleep at night due to the pain. The pain is ameliorated by warmth, and better in wet warm weather.
China officinalis: Pain in the limbs and joints as if it were sprained. Worse by touching affected part. The joints are swollen. Painful when you stand and better when sitting.
Nux vomica: Pains are worse by motion and turning in bed; constipation, irritability of temper. Suitable for persons with a disposition to piles, or addicted to alcoholic drinks.
Aconite: is the principal remedy in the commencement, and does more to relieve the patient at once..
Arnica: If the gout is the result of falling, over lifting, or any other mechanical injury.
Rhus tox: If the patient feels very weak, trembling, has to get up sometimes to ease himself; throws himself about in the night.
Belladonna: Suitable for fleshy females during the critical period (change of life)
Ignatia: Pressing pains between the shoulders, down the spine, as if the joints in the spinal column were dislocated; she must continually change her position ; if she does not, hysterical spasms threaten.

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  1. Nux Vomica as seen to make the patient normal by all means. Call him after 12 hrs.Give him medicine depending upon the latest symptoms. It can be Coulophilum hundred percent

  2. My daughter has stone in left kidney .she has slight but continuous pain,I am giving her bul vul .pl guide me what to give her.

  3. Love your pins Silvia just wish I could read them, but come September when I move to mexico I will learn to speak spanish

  4. Water like green nasal discharge, breathing problem when lay down, too much body heat always, due to heats severe eye pains.

  5. Caullophylm is a very good for small joints.Also useful to encourage labour pain& easy delivery. Discolouration of skin during pregnancy I.e.moth spots.

  6. Please suggest the medicines for sinus infection for kids(15 years) , which can be taken regulary and available over the counter/for online purchase?


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