Asthma is a chronic lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways. Asthma causes recurring periods of wheezing (a whistling sound when you breathe), chest tightness, shortness of breath, and coughing. The coughing often occurs at night or early in the morning. This is exactly the reason that Homeopathic remedies work best. Allopathy admits there is no cure for Asthma.
We discuss some remedies that work for Asthma. Your homeopath will arrive at the similimum based on your symptoms.
Ipecac: This remedy is a closest homeopathic similimum to asthma, especially to the spasmodic variety where the symptoms are great weight and anxiety about the chest ; sudden wheezing, dyspnoea, threatening suffocation, aggravated by motion ; the cough causes gagging and vomiting. The cough is constant, the chest seems full of phlegm, yet none is expectorated, and the extremities are covered with cold perspiration. The expiration is especially difficult ; vomiting when it occurs is apt to relieve the attack.
Lobelia: A remedy which one usually classifies with Ipecac, It has the great oppression of the chest and a weak sensation in the chest which seems to come from the epigastrium, where there is a feeling of a lump ; there is nausea, profuse salivation ; the attack is preceded by a prickling sensation through the whole body. It is most useful in bronchial and septic asthmas. The breathing is exceedingly difficult, and is relieved by moving about. Attacks coming on after midnight lead to the use of this remedy.
Arsenicum album: Arsenicum has some similarity to Ipecac but the time of attacks is just after midnight. The patient has a great deal of anguish and restlessness ; he cannot lie down for fear of suffocation. It is especially the remedy if the disease is chronic and the dyspnoea habitual.
Apis: It has a suffocative feeling, and the patient does not see how he can get another breath, and the
Bromine: The patient breathes very deeply as it seems as if he could not get air
enough into his lungs.
Grindelia robusta The patient on falling asleep ceases to breathe and awakes with a
start. Grindelia has been found clinically to benefit humid asthma and acute catarrhal asthmas.
Nux vomica. Nux vomica is a useful remedy when the asthmatic attacks are brought on by gastric disturbances ; simple spasmodic asthma ; there is some relief by belching, the patient must loosen the clothing. It must also be thought of in those who drink much coffee or liquor. Irritable bilious temperaments also correspond to the drug. A good symptom calling for Nux is a constricted feeling at the lower part of the chest Where there is much abdominal irritation present with much flatulence,
Zingiber is also a remedy for asthma of gastric origin, and the attacks come on toward morning; the patient must sit up ; no anxiety.
Carbo vegetabilis also corresponds to the asthma of the aged who are much debilitated ; they are greatly oppressed for breath and are relieved by belching wind.
Kali bichromicum. The attacks coming on about three or four o’clock in the morning, compelling the patient to sit up to breathe ; he sits up and bends forward which relieves somewhat, as does also the expectoration of stringy yellow mucus , which is characteristic of the remedy.
Kali carbonicum has asthma worse towards morning, with a feeling as if there were no air in the chest.
Kali phosphoricum has been successfully used in asthma, especially in the nervous variety.
Natrum sulphuricum. This remedy has established a record in curing asthma. Its general symptoms are worse on change to damp weather. Its symptoms are moist asthma, with a great deal of rattling in the chest. The symptoms of looseness of the bowels after each attack has been repeatedly verified ; in one case the patient was worse from aerated waters and alcohol. If symptoms indicating a sycotic taint be present, it will be all the more strongly indicated. The attacks generally come on about 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning with cough and raising of glairy slime ; expectoration greenish and copious. The asthma of hay fever finds one of its remedies in Natrum sulphuricum. Another symptom of Natrum sulphuricum which is characteristic is that the patient must sit up and hold the chest with the hands during an attack.
Antimonium tartaricum The great keynote for the remedy is the presence of fine mucous rales throughout the chest, finer and smaller rales than are found under Ipecac, ‘ With this remedy the chest seems full of phlegm, with inability to expectorate it There is great dyspnoea, the patient must sit up, and there are suffocative attacks coming on as in the potash preparations (and this contains potash) about three o’clock in the morning. There is great difficulty in the expiratory effort. Antimonium tartaricum is especially adapted to the extremes of life, suiting the asthmatic attacks of the aged and the dyspnoea of young children when due to pulmonary affections. The sensation that the patient cannot get air enough is characteristic of the remedy.
Blatta orientalis has obtained a good clinical record in acute and chronic asthmas, and is well worthy a trial in obstinate cases.

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  1. Hi,
    I m suffering with sneezing nd cough problems since a long time. I live in Kolkata.
    I feel breathing problem for an hour when I wake up in the morning in winters season mostly. I have to breath a lot quicker I mean to say.Can u suggest any medicine as per symptoms.

  2. With reflexology:- Say BYE to all your pains no matter for how many years you had the pain scatica, pain in neck, stiffness, migraine, pinch nerve etc. get rid of all these pains naturally..

  3. i can suggest you few points on your feets and hand if you it regularly you will feel better…no medicine needed however if you want to go with your doctor medicine you can consume that too. Reflexology will help your body to recover faster..Thanks..

  4. I. Contracted asthma in 1999 and diagnosed by a doctor, I was given a puffer for my shortness of breath I used a puffer until around 2010 thinking this is life. But then I decided to research the problem. I was having trouble with getting enough air and would often have a fan on to get air.before I left Sydney in 1999 I had a. Serious pschycological set back and developed shingles and asthma, based on the air hunger I took carbo vegetales and followed it with causticum in high potency. I just looked at the date on my last puffer that I kept for a reminder. The date was 2010 that’s how long it is since I had asthma,you can do the maths.but I no longer have asthma

  5. Max-Breathing issue normally happens when i wake up in morning/Run/Walk for sometime.
    I m dependent on anti allergic tablets to control sneezing/Running nose/cough. It gives me accute relief for 2-3 days again I have to take anti allergic tablets.
    Pls suggest.

  6. Was diagnosed with asthma in the 1990’s. Natrum Sulphuricum has been a life saver. Need has really lessened over the years.


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