Corn, maiz, maiz dulce, maiz tierno, jojoto, cuatequil choclo, zara,
borona, aloatí, atoverde, canquil, capiá, caucha, etc. etc. etc.
Native form America Zea meaning BEING A LIFE. this remedy has
two parts used as remedy the silky tassels found inside the husk of
…corn and the Marlo, Zea Mayz is native of Central America the native
cereal used by Mayans and Aztecas actually called tortillas.
Corn silky barba used in URINARY TRACT disorders.
Cystitis, urethritis with disuria and tenesmus after urinatiing in
vessical catarrh, in chronic pyelitis, in chronic gonorrhea, in prostate
hypertrophy with urinary retention, kidney stones in the discharge
of small stones or gravel, red sediments and blood in renal cholic in
anuria, chronic blenorrea.
Also for heart ailments accented with oliguria and edema of the lower
extremitties (as a diiuretic, but also regulates and slows heart activity
reducing hypertension.
Zea Italica (marlo)
Mental, pulse of suicide, drowning in the water, easily irritable, and
mania for bathing.
Voracious appetite, alternating with disgust for food. Heart burn.
Nausea and vomiting drinking wine.
Skin disorders, psoriasis, eczema redness.
Taken as an infusion of the silki tassels will aleviate conditions of painfull
swelling to genito urinary cmplaints in high uric acid, gout and some
types of arthitis. its mucilage will soothe irritation
int he kidneys and bladder often caused by burning and
painful urination.
Personally I have tried in Kidney stone treatments, and it really
gives a cure to sediments disolving stones and cleaning the
kidney glomerulo. Since Corn is our basis food here in America
we use it a lot.

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