from the tuberculosis bacilus Nycobacterium
tuberculosis of Koch’s bacilus
Extract of the culture of bacilus Koch’s lymph or
extract of the product of cultures.
it is used when there is an ongoing symptom change when the person is under homeopathic care and well choosen remedies do… not act effectively.
Blackwood AL, this remedy has been employed in insterstitia, nephritis, also in Bronco pneumonia of tubercular patients when resolution is delayed.
Late effects of influenza as I had observed,
influenza in the phthisical patients.
Tub, is not a specific for pulmonary tuberculosis but it is also a good remedy for bony suppurations, especially
en cases that have been rebellious to other
remedies. Also stimulates the cells of the body,
enabling them to form agglutination, opsonins, and other substances related to the imnune process
(Allen) Babies with blue sclerotica may need the remedy.
Has fear of dogs, likes to change constantly, < cold, and aversion to work Allen H. C, (Tub. bovinum) keynotes and Characteristics writes Tub. adapted to persons of light complexion, narrow chest, blonde in preference to brunette, tall slim,. Symptoms ever changing, ailments affecting one organ, then another - the lungs, brain, kidneys, liver, stomach nervous system - beginning suddenly, ceasing suddenly. Takes cold easily without knowing how or where. Emaciation rapid and pronounced, losing flesh while eating well Mind: Anxiety, gloomy, melancholy humor. looks sad but tries to be at the top of every hill in life. they do not like to disturbed by people, irritable, they feel as they are in a strange place, intense restlessness and with very little ailment whines and complains, easily frightened, particularly by dogs, screams in terror when approached by dogs when in fear trembles hands and feet. Sopor somnolence, with dyspnea. Tub. likes to move, all over the world does not like to be in the same place, has a need to change. Beatriz H Hill

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