Common name: Golden rod
Anshutz mentions that Solidago is not as much made use of as it deserves. Foh. Gottfr. Rademacher, says: “This herb is a very old and good kidney medicine. It is a specific for kidneys, and brings the patient back to the normal condition.”
The symptoms on the part of the kidneys and urinary organs, which point to Solidago are as follows:
Pains in the kidneys; region of kidneys painful upon pressure; feeling of enlargement and tension in the kidneys, also pains in the kidneys whcih extend forward to the abdomen and to the bladder. Dysuria, difficulty and scanty urination; urine dar, red-brown, with thick sediment; stone and gravel, albumen, blood or slime in the urine; urine dark, with sediment of phosphates; slightly sour, neutral or alkaline; urine with numerous epithelial cells or small mucous particles. Epithelial celss with gravel of triple phosphates, or phosphate of lime. Brights disease.
Boericke: Inhalation of the pollen has caused h├ªmorrhage from the lungs in phthisis. Repeated colds of tuberculosis (2x) feeling of weakness, chilliness alternating with heat; naso-pharyngeal catarrh, burning in throat, pains in limbs and thoracic oppression. Pain in region of kidneys, with dysuria. Kidneys sensitive to pressure. Bright’s disease. Hay-fever when Solidago is the exciting cause. Here give 30th potency or higher.

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