Proven by Dr.McFarland at 200C
Nervous, tearful with frontal headache and shocks through head.
Fleeting neuralgic pains in head, over eyes, in ear, both sides of nose and teeth. Loose cold in head. Lips dry. Nausea especially from sweets.
Dull headache. Stiff neck and rheumatic pain down left shoulder and arm.
Itching arms, palms and face. Loose stools with griping in abdomen. Hyper active peristaltis, tenesmus after stool, more urine passed. Cough scratchy, wheezy, with thick yellow mucus from chest, feels weak dizzy and tired feeling.
Jan Scholten expands the picture so has an issue with his essential being and they take a dummy run to ensure perfection.
Have fear of heights, narrow places, making speeches. Dreams of falling from height, irritable<< being humiliated, delusions of whispering. Haughtiness and variable moods, laughter, friendly, nervous, hurried, introverted. Twitching about the eye and other optical disturbances. High blood pressure and Cancer

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