Spider Black widow, and made of trituration of live spider.
Introduced to the materia medica by S.A. Jones and Tafel.
Homeopathic Recorder july 1889 and reproduced by
Anschutz en New, Old and forgotten remediesExtreme Anxiety, and the precordial area with extremacoldness of skin in few minutes are the most important keysto the remedy.
And when they are imbalancedin any area of the body,  are very mean.
all spider feels that something is going to fall over thema suggested remedy for ANGINA PECTORIS. Fears that respiration will stop.

Constriction of chest muscles, irradiating to shoulder
Violent precordial pain extending to axila and down the arm and forearm to fingers, screaming, with apnea, saying that
she will loose her breath and die.
feels paralyzed Skin cold as marble.
pulse feeble and rapid.can be up to 130 or imperceptible.
sinking sensation of epigastrium. Abdominal pains.
lowered coagulability. naucea. with black vomit,
Skin feels cold like marmol.
As all spiders, like to be alone, waiting, laborious with
hands or bettered by music, like to drive fast, dance
glittering clothes, they are mean and like to use dirty
Whisky antidotes the venom of the spider.
spider bite turns red with itching and stitching pains.
Males: Itching of prepuce, redness.
Stools.ÔöÇTwo copious evacuations similar to the
black vomit.
All spiders are vengative, they way for the right
moment with patience and they will knit to trap their
victims in real life. they have a connection between the
earth and the sky the universe and they dance in between.
with very high ideals
by Beatriz Hernandez Hill,
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