Prunus spinosa was proved by Wahle. The symptoms resemble those of Pru. pd. in general, but some very strongly characterised ones were produced. The pains were pressive and out-pressive, and out-shooting. These pains are felt in skull, eye, root of nose, and ears; the teeth feel raised out of their sockets. Shooting from within out, from before backward. These pains occurring in and around the eye have led to its successful use in glaucoma, ciliary neuralgia, choroido-retinitis, irido-choroiditis, irido-cyclitis. Spraining pains and pains which take away the breath. A remarkable symptom is: “Breath always seems to remain sticking in pit of stomach.” This symptom, with “pain as if sprained in left ankle,” led Lippe to make a remarkable cure in this case: A young lady, 16, jumped from a carriage whilst the horse was running away and sprained her ankle. Left ankle and foot much swollen. As swelling abated, breathing became rapid; great oppression with constantly recurring desire to take a long breath; felt as if air inhaled did not reach pit of stomach, and till she could force air so far down had to yawn and try to take a deep inspiration.─The tightness, stitches, and sticking pains in chest have marked Prun. spi. as a remedy in many cases of neuralgic pains with or following herpes zoster.
The urinary symptoms are perhaps the most peculiar of all. Pressure of abdominal flatulence on the bladder is not an uncommon symptom, and is met by Prun. spi.: “Flatulence presses on bladder and = cramps in bladder so that he is obliged to double up.” Strangury of the most painful description was produced, and this symptom, which is quite characteristic: Hurriedly impelled to pass urine, which, however, seems to pass forward into glans penis and then return and cause most violent pain in urethra. Menses are too early; too profuse; last too long, and are thin and watery. There is leucorrhœa, which weakens and stains yellow.
The right side is much more affected than the left. Peculiar sensations are: As if a sharp corner pressing against top of head. Headache as if from sun. As if skull would be pressed outward by a sharp plug. As if inner portion of eye would be torn out. Eyeball as if crushed, or pressed asunder. As if tooth would be torn out. As if tongue had been burned. As if hernia would protrude. Burning as from a wound in rectum; as from salt in a wound in anus. Sighing as if climbing a steep mountain. As. if small of back had been injured. As if right thumb sprained; as if left ankle sprained; as if first joint of big toe pulled out. C. M. Boger gives this confirmation of Prun. spi. (Med. Couns., xvi. 264): Man, 60, with enlarged prostate, had frequent urging to urinate, day and night. Shooting pains in neck of bladder unless desire to urinate is at once gratified. Urination delayed if any great amount has accumulated. Spasmodic tenesmus of bladder and rectum at close of urination, with pains in glans. Pulsation in glans from jar of walking. Prun. spi. 1m. (Fincke) removed the symptoms. The symptoms are: < By touch and pressure. Biting teeth together > toothache. > From rest; from doubling up. < Motion; from jarring; must walk carefully < Night. < From warm food (toothache).

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